Nepal Vs Afghanistan - Watch Live Football Match of SAFF Championship

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Nepal Vs Afghanistan – Live Football Match of SAFF Championship

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The semi-final of SAFF Championship is here, Nepal will play with Afghanistan today at local time 6:30 PM in Dasharatha Stadium, Kathmandu. Nepali national team must prepare well for today’s match although they have improved their performance than before. The match will be broadcasted LIVE from the stadium via SAFF’s official Youtube Channel and Kantipur TV. The Youtube Live broadcasting will not be available for people from SAARC Countries, either should use some VPN or try to watch Kantipur TV on your Cable TV as the alternative. We will be providing the LIVE broadcasting of Today’s match between Nepal Vs Afghanistan so you guys can enjoy watching the tournament.

Watch Nepal Vs Afghanistan – SAFF Championship Match Live

Watch Kantipur TV – Broadcasting Nepal Vs Afghanistan LIVE

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