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Nepali Calendar

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Nepali CalenderAre yo looking for Nepali Calendar to see the Bikram Sambat date and Tithis ?Don’t get confuse on the term Patro, as Nepali calendar is called Nepali Patro by Nepalese people. Well if you are staying abroad and planning to celebrate your family member’s birthday or planning to organize pooja you may want to check out the Tithis on Nepali Calendar. This is our attempt to make it easy for accessing Nepali Calendar online. Now simply use below Calendar Month archive to access and know the current Nepali Bikram Sambat Dates. The Month wise calendar are managed on order so to see them in large size, you can simply click on the Month and see the Days and tithis of the Month.

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Baisakh , Jestha , Ashar , Shrawan , Bhadra , Ashoj , Kartik , Mangsir , Poush , Magh , Falgun , Chaitra

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