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Nepali Lok Dohori TV Online

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Nepali Dohori

Nepali Lok Dohori

Nepali Lok Dohori songs is one of the local singing pattern of Nepali songs mainly popular in villages and western part of Nepal. Generally in Lok Dohori Songs guys and girls speak their internal feeling of love and talks in the medium of singing. Mostly they stay in two group [Boys and Girls] and start the singing, questioning and answering each other in the melody (Bhaka) of songs. now started Online Nepali Lok Dohori TV for the lovers of Nepali Lok Dohori songs. You can watch lot of Nepali lok dohori songs by your favorite singers; Bima Kumari Dura, Bishnu Majhi, Milan Lama and lots of Nepali Lok Dohori Singers.

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